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Recruiters benefits to use us

Welcome to Pro Pipeline Personnel.

Employers Benefits

100% free to use

Full use of our detailed Custom search tool for Profile resumes.

  • Video/Audio/Chat with Employees with our LIVE video cam features{currently still in development}
  • Ability to see who is best suited for your needs by our very own personnel rated employee system
  • Have the ability to make INSTANT contact either by email/Notifications/Social Media contact. or through the websits internal communication systems.
  • Unlimited job postings and communication
  • Unlimited profile searches and communication
  • Unlimited contact with other Companies
  • Our Jobs are also posted to ProPipelinePersonnels,  companies social media sites,  for a wider audience
  • No more taking days ,weeks or even months to fill vacancies
  • Keep a Record of all your personal previous employees ratings towards employees
  • All profile search results are available for employment as employees profiles can go dormant whilst in employment
  • Advertise your company with blogs by edit or flash player with  comment and reply abilities