Live Chat

Live Chat

Welcome to Pro Pipeline Personnel.

Pro Pipeline Personnel has features in place to be able to communicate live by either 3 options...

The Live Chat and message system is located in your Dashboard under "Discussion"

1 to 1 live communication.

Pro Pipeline Personnel has a 1 to 1 live communication feature which allows to have a Private communication ,Interview or general chat with one another, either it be Company to Company, Employee to Employee or Company to Employee. To be able to do this you must have made this company or Employee a Favourite. You do this by doing a search , locate the users profile, view their profile and press the Heart shaped symbol located within their Profile. This in turn will enable you to have a private Discussion with this Employee or Company. You will then be able to locate your "Favourites" within "My Account" and they will be stored in the "Disscussion" heading, click on their name and start a conversation. All companies/Employees will recieve a instant notification to notify them you are wanting to make contact. All past communications/chat will be stored in your "discussion" section.

Group chat live communication.

Pro Pipeline Personnel has a Group chat live communication feature which allows all users online to have multiple conversations with multiple users. For this feature, unlike the 1 and 1 chat you DO NOT have to make the user a favourite, You will find this feature in "My Account" under the "Discussion" heading. All Group Chat will erase after 1 week, a new group chat will start every Friday 00.01 Hrs and end Thursday 23.59 hrs GMT.

Video chat live communication

Pro Pipeline Personnel has a live video communication feature which allows Companies/Employers to have visual live communication together for example, long distance interviewing. To enable this.................{THE VIDEO OPTION IS CURRENTLY DOWN AT THE MOMENT AND WILL BE AVAILABLE VERY VERY SOON]