Candidates Benefits

Candidates benefits to use us

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Canditates  Benefits

100% free to use

No need to keep sending EMAILS and CVS  to every Company, every time you apply for a job

  • Build your own online permanent CV Profile 
  • Video/Audio/Chat with Employers with our live cam features{currently not working}
  • Earn rating points towards your Total profile rating
  • Favorite Job/Company storage
  • Instant Email/SMS notifications 
  • Search and apply for  jobs
  • Contact employing companies
  • Favorite list your favorite companies
  • All data and media download is fully secure
  • Other Employees cannot see your download media files or personnel information
  • Access to our live 1 and 1 or Group chat texted system
  • Access to Companies Website and Social Media sites
  • Ability to Reply to Companies blogs {newsletters, stories, videos etc}
  • Let the Employer find you with the experience and skills you have mentioned in your profile