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Tired of applying for contract oil and gas jobs on lots of different sites? Sick of sending your C.V. and hearing nothing? ProPipelinePersonnel will make all that a thing of the past.

Signing up with ProPipelinePersonnel will probably be the best move you ever make as a pipeline contractor. As you take on new contracts you build a portfolio of feedback that new potential employers can use. Do a great job and you’ll get an even better chance of getting more and more work.

No more fighting with unqualified or inexperienced people, no more turning up on site to find the job isn’t right for you. Sign up today and get involved in the easiest and most user-friendly recruitment experience there is. And best of all, it’s completely free! No subscriptions, no joining fees.

Oil and Gas News

So more than just a job board, our web site allows users to post blogs, videos, company information etc. making it the one stop location for all things Oil and Gas related.

Employers and employees alike, can communicate and post information whilst also sharing to their other personal social media sites. People are already wondering how they ever got by without ProPipelinePersonnel

Employers and recruiters look and contact you through the information you have provided through your Profile , this is why we recommend people to put as much information and certificates within their profile to catch the employers eye. the more information you give in your profile the points you score, the more points you score the higher in the list you become and quicker to catch the employers eye.

If a employer hasnt found who they want through a search then they will more than likely put a job advert up, We recommend so you dont miss out on any job postings and to be notified immediately of the posting to go into your dashboard, then settings and click on the job alerts to which postings you would like to be notified of.

How to use and navigate around the website PPP

These images are for MOBILE and DESKTOP employee/candidate users

Please follow the arrows to help you locate the features within PPP

This will assist you in getting to use and locate all the features you require to make full use of PPP

To locate your dashboard please follow the arrow

The dashboard is your very own personnel page where you see Jobs,see blogs,see notifications from users,edit profile,use group and private chat etc etc

To locate the pages of PPP follow the arrow

This allows you to see Oil and Gas News pages, About us page, Employer page,Employee page,Support page, Search Profiles,Company search and Job search pages

To locate your employee/candidate edit profile follow the arrow

This allows you to make any changes and updates to your public profile

To locate your employee/candidate public profile follow the arrows

This will allow you to see what your profile looks like to the users who have registered on the website

To locate your apply for job follow the arrows

This will allow you to apply for a job to the website

To locate your read a blog follow the arrows

This will allow you to read a image/video/news feed on the website

To locate your notifications follow the arrow

You can see who the notification was from by the highlighted name,by clicking on the highlighted name this will take you to the users profile

To locate your group chat follow the arrows

This will allow you to talk in a group with multiple users. Everybody can see and use Group chat. A new group chat starts every Monday 00.01 hrs GMT

To locate your add a favourite user follow the arrow

This feature allows you to locate the user without using the search engine. Your favourite list is located in the Discussion list

To locate your 1 and 1 private chat follow the arrows

This allows you to contact a certain user and have a private conversation with just you and the specific user.The user does not have to be online to recieve this message. The user will recive a notification of your message by email and inhouse notification.Only yourself and the user can see this conversation. These messages are permanent and will only be deleted when you make the user a non favourite by unclicking the favourite star in the users profile.

To locate see your own rating,1st go into your "public profile" then follow the arrow

This rating is your combined rating from information you have provided in your profile and ratings from Companies/employers from your interview and your work related skills whilst in employment

To locate the blocking of a user follow the arrow

This allows you to block unwanted material from this user, or to be seen in your profile search engine

To locate your Settings follow the arrow

In your settings you can change your password, see your blocked users, set your email notifications and delete your account