GustoMSC and IMI bonded with Jack-Up Design Agreement

By admin account October 18, 2019
The Netherlands based leading offshore rig design company 'GustoMSC' has signed a jack-up design license agreement with a Saudi based International Maritime Industries (IMI) International Maritime Industries (IMI), a joint venture between Saudi Aramco, Lamprell, Bahri and Hyundai Heavy Industries announced that it had signed a License Agreement with GustoMSC, an NOV company. According to this agreement enables IMI to efficiently construct and deliver drilling rigs to its clients. IMI said the agreement entails a new GustoMSC drilling jack-up design which will utilize the modern manufacturing capabilities currently planned for at IMI. As a result of the agreement, IMI will be fully prepared for its first production operations anticipated in . Once built, the yard will be able to construct offshore rigs on annual basis. Commenting on the license agreement signing, Fathi K Al Saleem, CEO of IMI, said: “This is a major step for IMI in securing the required knowledge and getting the best rig design which will be tailored to our state of the art construction capabilities, ready for decades to come.” Nils van Nood, Managing Director of GustoMSC, adds, “IMI is an important part of the Saudi Vision . Contributing to that vision is a great opportunity for us to serve key clients in Saudi Arabia and the region. As the design company and supplier of dedicated capital equipment, we see an important partner in IMI.” GustoMSC, responsible for delivering the basic design, will tailor one of its well established CJ-series of drilling jack-ups, as part of the deal. IMI claimed that, combined with a focus on IMI’s specific construction and installation capabilities overall rig construction time will be reduced. Moreover, the design retains its key and field-proven features such as the sturdy X-bracing leg design, the Rack & Pinion Jacking Systems and X-Y cantilever system. The IMI rig design is targeted to be a ‘Fit For Purpose’ solution that enables safe, efficient and reliable drilling for Saudi Arabia. According to GustoMSC, full design development will kick-off in the coming weeks. About one year ago ARO Drilling announced plans to order at least drilling jack-ups for construction at IMI. It is anticipated that initial rig ordering will get finalized in the second half of , said Dutch company. this article is posted on behalf of